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In today’s world of politics, it is hard to have an opinion without being verbally assaulted and demonized. So many journalists and media outlets have their own agenda. Acting as political mouthpieces, they narrate their biased opinions and manufacture false news stories. True journalistic integrity has gone by the wayside and that is a very unfortunate reality.

The two party system has become corrupted and represents the elite and well connected. The Democrat Party, and the Republican Party have sold out to special interest groups and lobbyists.  We the American people have been left without a true government that works within the constraints of The United States Constitution on behalf of us. We have to get big money donors out of politics folks! They have destroyed the integrity of government and government bureaucracy is out of control!  I am fed up with both parties of government. The daily assault on the Constitution and our freedoms must stop or we will be governed by the tyranny of the elite. That reality becomes more evident every day.

Immigration reform has been ignored by both parties and is a perfect example of what is wrong with government. The Democratic leaders want open borders to appease their emotional sympathy and ultimately believe these people will become Democrat voters. The Republican Party has ignored it because they have special interest groups who love cheap labor and more consumers of their products. Therefor by proxy, nothing has been done and they can blame each other with a wink and a nod. As a United States citizen and a tax payer, I find this to be abhorrent and unacceptable and in complete violation of the rule of law! I have love for my fellow man and sympathy for those wanting a better life, but we citizens deserve better from our government.

Is it really too much to ask for legal immigration and assimilation? Should we really accept refugees from parts of the world who practice and believe in Sharia law knowing our government can’t properly vet them? Not to mention, Sharia law is a dangerous ideology and is completely incompatible with the United States Constitution. If you don’t understand Sharia Law, you need to educate yourself quickly to realize how dangerous the ideology truly is. Just look at the problems in Europe now. Coming soon to a town near you if the status quo continues! There is a difference with Islam and those who believe in Sharia, but to deny that Sharia is a problem will get innocent people killed. Current immigration policies have put a burden on the local schools and healthcare systems too. Not to mention, future entitlements will continue to skyrocket. All the while our national debt is currently $19,359,739,000,000 and climbing! Just look at it http://www.usdebtclock.org/.  Does anyone care? How is this sustainable? Please don’t tell me, “The rich need to pay their fair share.” That mantra is not going to get it done.

The progressives will call me a racist for asking or suggesting such things. It is much easier to attack and demonize others than to actually debate the issues. Racist rhetoric is out of control as well. Where is the love and respect for civil debate and discussion let alone for humanity? This is another huge problem with politics today and it threatens the foundation of our society.

The Black Lives Matter Movement was started on a false narrative and is racist by its own name for an example. I know racism exists and the black community feels tension and concerns with the police, but all lives matter period. Any unjust homicide of an individual is abhorrent! If they were in Chicago protesting the violence of black on black crime within their own communities, it would be easy for me to give a sense of legitimacy to their cause. When they hold protests and call for violence against police it is disgraceful! You can google the videos yourself of some of the hateful vitriol spewed at their protests. They are funded by George Soros who funds left wing progressive movements. He has dual citizenship with Hungary by the way and I am of the opinion he wants America to be more like Europe and is doing all he can to create havoc and mayhem to undermine American sovereignty. George Soros has his own agenda and is using his billions to push it.

Now the progressive movement has Hillary Clinton as the torch bearer. For progressives, does the end justify the means? Is it that hard to find someone with integrity to represent the Democrat Party for President? How can anyone look past the lack of integrity and moral judgement of this woman? I can support any woman for president, but never Hillary! If you are willing to vote for Hillary, then you may get the corrupt government you deserve. Liberty deserves better. The United States deserves better. My vote demands better!

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