Trump Cards

Trump uses cards as visual aids to criticize President Obama and Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail.

2016-08-12 (7)

The amount of commuted prison sentences under President Obama. Trump said, “Obama has commuted the sentences of more men and women than the past nine presidents put together!”

2016-08-12 (11)

Showing the increase of Syrian refugees presently. Hillary Clinton is proposing a 550% increase in these numbers.

2016-08-12 (4)

Foreign governments from the Middle East have donated a lot of money to the Clinton Foundation.

2016-08-12 (8)

National debt has doubled since President Obama took office in 2009.

2016-08-12 (12)

Our National Debt is now almost $20 Trillion.

2016-08-12 (9)

Home ownership is almost at historical lows in 51 years. Trump said, “Nice job Obama.”

2016-08-12 (10)

Who does Wall St. seem to favor?

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