Zogby Shows Tight Presidential Race

Despite the efforts of the biased news media, Trump is still in a close race with Hillary Clinton and only trails her by 2 percentage points. According to a new Zogby poll the convention bounces are over and we have a tight presidential race.

Zogby Analytics reports the following:

If the election for President were being held today and the Democratic nominee for President is Hillary Clinton and the Republican nominee for President is Donald Trump; the Libertarian nominee is Gary Johnson and the Green party nominee is Jill Stein for whom would you vote?

Hillary Clinton 38%
Donald Trump 36%
Gary Johnson 8%
Jill Stein 5%
Not sure 13%

*Percentages may not equal 100% due to rounding.

The Takeaways: In a new Zogby Analytics nationwide online poll conducted August 12-13, +/-2.8% MOE, we asked 1,277 likely voters who they would vote for if the election for President were being held today. Since our Last poll in early July, Clinton still maintains a small 2% lead over Trump. It seems the convention bumps are behind us and we are back to a close race!

Donald Trump continues to lead among his core groups, which are men, he leads Clinton 41% to 35%. He also leads Clinton among older likely voters such as 50-64 year olds (41%-36%), and those 65+ (44%-36%).

Read the rest of  the takeaways here for more interesting insight.

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